Amazon Order Processing Service

Through its range of Amazon order processing and inventory management services, India Data Solutions helps eCommerce retailers right from controlling inventory, processing customer orders through to gaining better insights about what’s selling and what’s not. We have a dedicated team of experts to manage orders as well as ensure up-to-date stock levels across your Amazon store (, .ca,, .in, .es, .mx and .de), thus eliminating the risk of stock-outs and pile of customer orders. Further, if you are selling through Amazon Vendor Central, we can help you manage and update your product catalogs, orders and inventory in real-time.

Amazon Order Processing
Amazon Order Processing

Our Amazon inventory planning and order management services include handling customer queries, keying-in order details, invoicing, tracking shipments, managing refunds & returns, monitoring stock levels and providing detailed reports. We are well-equipped with advanced inventory management and order processing software to accurately update inventory levels and process orders in bulk.


How to optimize your product page to increase your sales

The product page is the most important aspect in any ecommerce business because you have to provide the right information in front of your customer in order to convince them that buying the product will be beneficial for them.

The product page is the area to showcase your product. By creating a distraction free and just keep focus on product by organizing good information will provide you the better chance to make conversion to a visitor to possible customer.

There are four vital aspect when in judging any product page:-

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Product Information
  • Page design for user experience


The Product is always the main attraction in any ecommerce website page. Your customer will first focus on the product what you are selling, so that means your product various attributes like images, video, product specification document need to really up to the mark and should have all the require information what the customer is looking for.

Optimized your product images: – A new visitor to store is going to hesitant in buying any product because they can get the impression about the product, But if we provide a very high quality of virtual proof of what they’re going to purchase then it might attract and turns it into sale conversion. The product images need to be in very high quality the shopper must able to see the every single detail in the product. And it must be shoot from different angles so they make sure it’s really what they looking for.

Product Image Optimiz
Product Image Optimization


Your product brand is very important everywhere from your social media pages to your ecommerce store.  Now days everybody are follow of some band or other brand, People are always looking for new product release for their desired brands. So the thing is always upload the item in your store which people are following e.g. iPhone.

Product Descriptions

The product data information is very important aspect in ecommerce store.  We must serve as information and data is possible to be server in front of shopper.  A Customer love to visit websites which contain useful information for their assessment, research, studies or whatever it takes to help them decide on a purchase. So we must create consistent product information through our store.

 Page Design

The page design and user experience is also plays a significant role in success of any online business. In order to create an outstanding product page design that suits your store  requirement you need to create a web page that are responsive, informative and easy to navigate across the different platform like laptop, mobile, tab etc. If your web page is missing one of these components the chances of attracting new visitor and boosting your conversion rate will be really suffer.

How to start your ecommerce business

If you are looking to start your online ecommerce store to make good revenue from the same here is something interesting fact and information you must know.

With every year there is great rise in ecommerce industry from the previous year it was roughly calculated online retail sale is increased by 20.34 % while comparing to the last year. Which means More and more customer are now engaging with the revolutionary ecommerce industry day by day, people are making more online purchase from websites or mobile devices instead of physically buying from the shops and stores.

Starting a ecommerce website is might sound like huge but believe me it’s not as you are thinking of there are few thing which we must keep in mind before starting the ecommerce store here is some of them

Selecting your Products and Industry

The most important aspect in online selling is selecting your product and industry type, most of the people sometime confuse while selecting the product range because of lack of knowledge, these days you can almost sell anything in ecommerce store from pen to plane but in order to choose the right industry and products here are some interesting thing to remember.

Product Price

Selecting the right product pricing bracket is very significant, if the product cost is very low-priced then it becomes very challenging to reach in positive ROI simultaneously if the product is too high pricing something over $1000 mark then there is chance of customer of thinking twice before doing purchase, Customer might want to have detailed knowledge of product before buying it and for the same extra customer care cost will added. It is confirmed that product pricing in $100 bracket is always do the best in online sale, people are always finding them comfortable in doing online purchase for these items.

Product Margin

In online business Margins is the difference between your wholesale cost and price you sell the same item in your online store after paying you all your business expenses. The higher your margin the good changes for you to become successful in your online business. Mostly the items are often sold at 30% to 35 % margin and it will change depending upon your industry type. The best chance to have a profitable business is by selecting the product having low cost but still sell at high markup. So before selling any product you must know the margin. Often it’s better to directly contract with manufacture or with wholesale distributer.

Shipping Size

The size of the product is also play very an important role in online sales, the big and huge products tend to have high shipping cost which can affect the negative affect in sales. Normally customer wants free shipping fee but it difficult with large and heaver products resulted in effects on products sale. So as an online seller you always looks for the smaller products that don’t require expensive shipping cost.

 Selecting the right eCommerce Store.

Now after selecting the product you need to get it up in website and start selling. These days there are two types of eCommerce platform available one is prebuild and ecommerce platform and other is other is your own custom build, there are many reason pre build ecommerce platform (Amazon, eBay, Shopify) etc. would sound more suitable for you as most of ecommerce functionality are ready to use which you don’t even know. On the other hand if you opt of custom build ecommerce (Magento, Woo Commerce) etc. then you need to hire web development partner to build complete robust ecommerce platform for you.

So the question is which platform to choose pre build or custom build, we have worked on many ecommerce platforms over the years two good ecommerce platform very powerful but also having significant results.

Prebuild Ecommerce Platforms

Well if you consider the prebuild ecommerce platform then I would like to recommend to go with Shopify and Amazon. As these two platform are providing everything you required to start your ecommerce business. They are handling hosting , security, card payments etc. which enable the store owners to concentrate on their ecommerce business, Sometimes you might want to change your web store template in that particular scenario Shopify offer wide range of website template and apps for that you need to pay very low monthly changes. Although there are also free apps available which you can also try.

Custom build E commerce Platforms

The Benefit of your own custom ecommerce platform (Magento, Woo commerce) is that it require one time investment to build the store and thereafter there is no monthly subscription like in case of other prebuild ecommerce stores. The custom build ecommerce platform are often free open source ecommerce platforms and that is the main reason they are so much popular in the market also and giving tough competition to prebuild ecommerce platforms, In these open source platform you can do the desired changes in website design and functionality, however the other things website hosting and security needed to be taken care by yourself only. These open source offer thousands of prebuild extensions that will allow you to easily customize the website design and functionalities many of them don’t even require you hiring separate website developer. Most of the plugin or extensions are free but some are paid one which normally charges around $10 to $50.

So if you are looking or an advice I would suggest you to start with Shopify first because as a beginner Shopify will handle all your technical issues and you can concentrate on your ecommerce store. And later on if your feel to setup you own ecommerce store you can opt of Magento or Woo Commerce. You can also compare the all other ecommerce platform globally use in below chart.

How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

A quick look at an interesting W3Schools statistic on most popular browsers says it all! W3Schools gets on an average 45 million monthly visits and the trends collected by them since 2002 reveal that the Google Chrome browser by far has been the most popular to date. In fact, as recently as in August 2017, Chrome with 76.9% was miles ahead of the next popular browser Firefox with 13.1% usage. These trends establish the global popularity of the Chrome browser to access the internet.

Google Chrome Browser Warning – How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS


Understanding Browser Security
As a leading digital marketing agency in India specializing in website design and development we know that most websites are not developed keeping browser security in mind. Let’s take a quick minute to understand the browsing process.

When a user inputs a web address or a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) on their Google Chrome browser or any other browser, the prefix of the URL e.g. http or https will determine how the URL gets interpreted.

What is http? – Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is at the core of data communication online and outlines the request-response protocol to transfer/exchange hypertext. For example, what triggers between the browser from where the request is generated to the hosting server from where the response is initiated.

What is https? – Hypertext Transport Layer Security (HTTPS) is a protocol for secure data communication that helps browsers in ensuring webpage authenticity so that they can use it safely for payment transactions and be rest assured that their identity and communications data when inputted on the https-compliant website is secure.

Changes in Google Chrome Browser Starting October 2017
Starting October 1, 2017, you can expect two big changes in Chrome browser security warnings as was communicated through email notifications sent to webmasters through the Google Search Console. These changes will reflect in the event of the following situations:

Chrome will show a Not Secure warning when a user inputs any data on a HTTP page
A warning on all HTTP pages visited in the incognito mode
Once the current version of Chrome version 61.0.3163.100 gets updated to version 62 in October 2017 these changes will come into effect. In this Chromium blog, we learn that the real motivation to enforce such major changes was to not only safeguard credit card and password related information but to also intimate Chrome users that any type of data that they input into a Not Secure http browser carries the risk of getting compromised.

Another important myth that Google plans to bust through this update is the popular perception that browsing on the Incognito Mode is a 100% secure experience. The incognito mode is only a way to ensure browsing privately from other users on just the device that you are using, something that is also a standard warning that is flashed each time you press a CTRL+Shift+N to open the incognito mode.