Ecommerce Product Description Writing Services

Converting Potential Sale into the Sale

Writing product descriptions is like creating a map in customer’s head and directing him/her to come and buy your product by making it the most obvious choice. It’s not about overstating the qualities, but ecommerce product description writing services are about bringing out the complete and key features of the product in front of the customer.

Points you should keep in mind for Magento Data Entry to avoid a mess!

Loaded with numerous powerful features, Magento is one of the most preferred platforms for many e-store owners. It is an open source platform used for the development of the websites, presently. From building the Magento e-store to uploading the products to be sold on the store, there are a number of things that should run in a symmetrical manner.


Magento Product Data Entry

India Data Solutions provide best affordable and Bulk Magento Product import services for Magento E-commerce stores around the globe. We extract product information from manufacture sites, PDF, CSV etc Format and create magento CSV import file, Create and Manage Categories, Create Product Attribute & Attribute Set , Image Enhancement and Uploading, Updating the Price and Special Price, Inventory and Order Management, SEO based oriented Meta description and meta title for eCommerce product.

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Amazon Order Processing Service

Through its range of Amazon order processing and inventory management services, India Data Solutions helps eCommerce retailers right from controlling inventory, processing customer orders through to gaining better insights about what’s selling and what’s not. We have a dedicated team of experts to manage orders as well as ensure up-to-date stock levels across your Amazon store (, .ca,, .in, .es, .mx and .de), thus eliminating the risk of stock-outs and pile of customer orders. Further, if you are selling through Amazon Vendor Central, we can help you manage and update your product catalogs, orders and inventory in real-time.

Amazon Order Processing
Amazon Order Processing

Our Amazon inventory planning and order management services include handling customer queries, keying-in order details, invoicing, tracking shipments, managing refunds & returns, monitoring stock levels and providing detailed reports. We are well-equipped with advanced inventory management and order processing software to accurately update inventory levels and process orders in bulk.

How to optimize your product page to increase your sales

The product page is the most important aspect in any ecommerce business because you have to provide the right information in front of your customer in order to convince them that buying the product will be beneficial for them.

The product page is the area to showcase your product. By creating a distraction free and just keep focus on product by organizing good information will provide you the better chance to make conversion to a visitor to possible customer.

There are four vital aspect when in judging any product page:-

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Product Information
  • Page design for user experience


The Product is always the main attraction in any ecommerce website page. Your customer will first focus on the product what you are selling, so that means your product various attributes like images, video, product specification document need to really up to the mark and should have all the require information what the customer is looking for.

Optimized your product images: – A new visitor to store is going to hesitant in buying any product because they can get the impression about the product, But if we provide a very high quality of virtual proof of what they’re going to purchase then it might attract and turns it into sale conversion. The product images need to be in very high quality the shopper must able to see the every single detail in the product. And it must be shoot from different angles so they make sure it’s really what they looking for.

Product Image Optimiz
Product Image Optimization


Your product brand is very important everywhere from your social media pages to your ecommerce store.  Now days everybody are follow of some band or other brand, People are always looking for new product release for their desired brands. So the thing is always upload the item in your store which people are following e.g. iPhone.

Product Descriptions

The product data information is very important aspect in ecommerce store.  We must serve as information and data is possible to be server in front of shopper.  A Customer love to visit websites which contain useful information for their assessment, research, studies or whatever it takes to help them decide on a purchase. So we must create consistent product information through our store.

 Page Design

The page design and user experience is also plays a significant role in success of any online business. In order to create an outstanding product page design that suits your store  requirement you need to create a web page that are responsive, informative and easy to navigate across the different platform like laptop, mobile, tab etc. If your web page is missing one of these components the chances of attracting new visitor and boosting your conversion rate will be really suffer.