Need of Product Filtering in ecommerce Store

For Every good eCommerce store must have Product Filter Option, which helps the users to specifically search down their products from thousands of products. Yet Product Filtering is one of the essential aspect of E commerce Stores Most of the sites don’t have it, One of the survey on E commerce websites says only 16 % of websites have the Filterable Search. Most of the sites which have the Product Filtering usability have poor filtering experiences due to irrelevant use of the products attributes, poor filtering designs, and filtering logic that doesn’t align with users’ expectations.


When customers can’t narrow down a store’s inventory to find the style, color or brand they’re looking for, they often leave the site in frustration. You can really hurt your conversion rate and turn customers away by having too many products without helpful navigation. So Fortunately, India Data Solution offers Product Filtering Option, which will save you lots of lost revenue by allowing your customers to narrow their search based on their preferences, and quickly find the products they want.

Product filtering, also known as filterable attribute search, allows shoppers to refine product searches based on multiple attributes such as price, size, ratings and more. Check out this navigation which, allows you to filter by Colour, Size, Inseam, Fit, and Collection to get you right to your preferred style of product. A customer can find just what they need in an instant, increasing the likeliness of them making a purchase.


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